United States Privacy Waiver

July 2018: The RTE has received information that the United States Consulate in Jerusalem/United States Department of State is engaging with Israel at the diplomatic level regarding continued obstacles faced by US citizen seeking to enter or stay in the oPt.

American Citizens Services has informed RTE that a senior officer in COGAT has promised to look into any cases sent to him by the US Consulate. Any US citizens that would like the Consulate to inquire on her/his behalf, needs to submit a Privacy Act waiver, download here.

Raising specific cases is also critical to ongoing US efforts at the diplomatic level. To permit this, we have been advised that it is important that in Section A of the form you include that as “individuals” you authorize the US Consular Office to release your information to:

“COGAT, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant Israeli authorities who can resolve this matter.”

You may specify what information they can release, should you not wish to provide a general release.

In order to continue our efforts to engage with the US officials effectively, the RTE Campaign encourages all those who submit the form to inform of us its submission (email rightoenter@gmail.com) and also keep us informed of responses received.