Lawyers List

The following list of lawyers provide legal support for individuals facing visa issues and/or seeking family unification. Costs may vary.
NameOrganizationPhone Email
Sari BASHII/P Advocacy Director, Human Rights
Adi LUSTIGMANLustigman & Blank, Attorneys at
Dr. Yael BERDALaw
Leora BECHORLaw Offices of Bechor &
Yotam BEN-HILLELLaw Offices of Bechor &
Limor YEHUDAACRI02-6521218
Muhammad DAHLEHLaw office02-6274070/
Issam ARURIJerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights
Raffoul ROFA, DirectorSaint Yves02-6264662
Michael SFARDLaw office03-6206947/8/
Gaby LASKYGaby Lasky and Partners, Law,