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MEDIA: Haaretz: Israel’s Refusal to Renew Aid Worker Visas in West Bank and Gaza Hurts Aid Efforts in Crucial Time, Says NGO Coalition 8 March 2024

MEDIA: The Guardian: Humanitarian workers face deportation from Israel after freeze on visas 29 March 2024

MEDIA: TIME: Israel Stops Renewing Visas to Aid Workers Providing Vital Humanitarian Support to Gaza 27 Feb 2024

MEDIA: Haaretz: Israel is denying visas to aid groups working with Palestinians 25 February 2024

MEDIA: Boston Globe: Israel Blocks Work Visas From International Aid NGO Workers in West Bank and Gaza 25 February 2024

MEDIA: Haaretz: Israeli Cabinet Okays Extension of Controversial Citizenship Law 4 February 2024

MEDIA: Middle East Eye: War on Gaza: House passes bill banning entry of PLO into US 2 February 2024


MEDIA: Bloomberg: UN Names Gaza Aid Coordinator as Israel Rejects Automatic Visas 27  December 20

MEDIA:  CNN:  Israel will no longer automatically grant UN staff visas 27 December 2023

MEDIA: NYT: U.S. to Deny Visas to Violent Israeli Settlers & Some West  Bank Palestinians 5 December, 2023.

MEDIA: Axios: U.S. warns Israel it’s violating visa waiver deal with West Bank closure 16 November 2023.

MEDIA:  TOI: Israeli entry into US Visa Waiver Program goes into effect 20 October 2023.

PRESS RELEASE: BBH Law Office: Visa Update: Israeli Civil Administration resumes reviewing visa extension applications 18 October 2023.

MEDIA: Al-Jazeera: Fears for Khaled El Qaisi’s well-being after his release in Israel 4 October 2023.

MEDIA: Jewish Current: A Visa Program Exception for Israel 3 October 2023.

PRESS RELEASE: Civil Society Organizations United in Opposition to Israel’s Admission Into the Visa Waiver Program 2 October 2023.

ACTION ALERT: AJP: Protect the Rights of Arab Americans and All Citizens: Take Action on Israel’s Visa Waiver 29 September 2023.

OPINION: ME Monitor: Israel just eased restrictions on US citizens, the EU should demand no less for Europeans 29 September 2023.

STATEMENT: Civil Society Organizations United in Opposition to Israel’s Admission into the Visa Waiver Program 27 September 2023.

STATEMENT: AAI: Admitting Israel into the Visa Waiver Program Violates the Rights of Millions of Americans and U.S. Law 27 September 2023.

MEDIA: DAWN: U.S.: Suspend Israel’s Admission to U.S. Visa Waiver Program Pending Lawsuit Challenge 27 September 2023.

MEDIA: Middle East Eye: Rights group sues US government to block Israel’s entry to visa waiver programme 26 September 2023.

OPINION: The Hill: Palestinian Americans are now tourists in their own land 25 September 2023.

LETTER: US State Department Message to US Citizens: Updated FAQs Regarding New Israeli Travel Procedures for U.S. Citizens (Israel, West Bank & Gaza) 22 September 2023.

MEDIA: NPR: Why Israel has ended travel restrictions for Palestinian Americans 5 September 2023.

MEDIA: Jerusalem Story: Yesterday, I was a “Security Threat” – Today, I Am Welcome in Jerusalem 28 August 2023.

MEDIA: Arab Center Washington DC: Israel Is Unlikely to Respect US Visa Waiver Program Rules 22 August, 2023.

MEDIA: Haaretz: U.S. Visa Waiver Pilot Blows Up Claim That All Palestinians Are a Security Threat 22 August, 2023.

MEDIA: Haaretz: 12,000 Palestinian-Americans Entered Israel from West Bank in U.S. Visa Waiver Pilot Program 21 August, 2023.

MEDIA: Mondoweiss: Israel and the U.S. are laughing in our faces, all the way to the visa waiver program 17 August, 2023.

LETTER: US State Department Message to US Citizens: FAQs Regarding New Israeli Travel Procedures for U.S. Citizens (Israel, West Bank and Gaza) 7 August, 2023.

MEDIA: Reuters: Gaza Americans urge Washington to include them in Israel visa deal 3 August 2023.

MEDIA: Middle East Eye: How Israel codifies its system of exclusion and oppression 1 August 2023.

PRESS BRIEFING: US State Department: Press Briefing 1 August 2023.

ACTION ALERT: IMEU: Traveled to Palestine since 19 July? Don’t Let Israel’s Unjust Treatment of US Citizens Go Unreported August 2023.

ACTION ALERT: IMEU: Traveled to Palestine since 19 July? Don’t Let Israel’s Unjust Treatment of US Citizens Go Unreported August 2023.

PRESS RELEASE: ADC: ADC Files Complaint Against ElAl Airlines on behalf of American-Palestinian Traveler 31 July 2023.

LETTER: MESA: Letter raising concerns about Israel’s accession to the US Visa Waiver Program 31 July 2023.

MEDIA: KPFK Public Radio – ME in Focus: Dr. James Zogby & Sam Bahour talking about the MOU signed by the US & Israel re admitting Israel into US Visa Waiver Program 30 July 2023.

MEDIA: Axios: US and Israel agree on conditions that could see Israelis join visa waiver program 29 July 2023.

STATEMENT: AAI: For Arab Americans, Blue is Not Blue 24 July 2023.

OFFICIAL DOCUMENT: FMEP publishes the US-Israel MOU on Visa Waiver Program 21 July 2023.

LETTER: US State Department Message to U.S. Citizens: Israel changes to travel procedures for U.S. citizens who request short-term entry and exit to and transit through Israel, effective July 20 20 July 2023.

MEDIA: TOI: Despite US pledge of equal treatment, Gazan Americans left out of Visa Waiver Program 20 July 2023.

MEDIA: Haaretz: Despite security chiefs’ opposition, Netanyahu looks to ease U.S. Gazans’ entry to Israel 19 July 2023.

STATEMENT: ADC: “Statement on Israel & US Visa Waiver MOU 18 July 2023.

PRESS RELEASE: ICJP: ‘FENCED OFF’: New ICJP report on Israel’s 2022 rules on entry of foreign nationals into the West Bank 18 July 2023.

MEDIA: Haaretz: Israel Loosens Rules on U.S. Citizens With Dual Citizenship in ‘Enemy’ Countries 16 July 2023.

ACTION ALERT: Sign-on: Civil Society Orgs Reject U.S. Compromise with Israel on Visa Waiver Program July 2023

COGAT PROCEDURES: Government of Israel: New procedures for Palestinian-Americans July 2023.

REPORT: International Committee for Justice in Palestine: Fenced Off: Israel’s 2022 Rules on Entry of Foreign Nationals into the West Bank  July 2023.

ACTION ALERT: ADC: Tell the US Government that American Rights are Non-Negotiable June 2023.

OPINION:  Al-Jazeera: Waiving US visas for Israelis would be a mistake 14 June 2023.

MEDIA: TOI: Israel to test eased entry for Palestinian-Americans before landing US visa waiver 7 June 2023.

PRESS RELEASE: American Federation of Ramallah Palestine: 30+ organizations meet with U.S. officials to discuss Israel’s Visa Waiver Program bid 5 June 2023.

LETTER: Progressive Israel Network to Secretary of State Antony Blinken & Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas on Israel’s application to join the U.S. Visa Waiver Program 5 June 2023.

ACTION ALERT: Columbia University: Impossible Ethnographies; Notes on Israel’s Blockade of Palestinian Anthropology 2 June 2023.

MEDIA: El Pais: Confidential EU report warns about ‘drastic acceleration’ of Israeli pressure on Jerusalem 30 May 2023.

MEDIA: YNet: Difficulties on the way to US visa exemption – ‘Israel does not yet meet the requirements’ 28 May 2023.

MEDIA: Haaretz: Senators Urge Biden Admin: Ensure Equal Treatment for All U.S. Citizens When Mulling Israel Visa Waiver 24 May 2023.

PRESS RELEASE: Van Hollen, Schatz Lead Over a Dozen Senators in Letter Urging Administration to Ensure Equal Treatment for All U.S. Citizens as It Considers Israel for Visa Waiver Program 24 May 2023.

LETTER: US Senators Van Hollen +13 to Blinken & Mayorkis: Blue is Blue 24 May 2023.

MEDIA: Haaretz: French MPs Visiting West Bank Made to Sign Pledge to Avoid Protests in West Bank, Israel 9 May 2023.

MEDIA: Despite baggage, some Palestinians rooting for Israel to secure US visa waiver 17 April 2023.

MEDIA: HaMoked: Family unification status cannot be revoked as a collective punishment; District Court prevents deportation of 7 innocent Palestinians from East Jerusalem “for general deterrence considerations” 16 April 2023.

MEDIA: Jewish Insider: Nides – Israel’s entry to Visa Waiver Program could come this summer 29 March 2023.

EVENT: AJP & AFSC: Defying the Gaza Exception: Freedom of Movement, the Seige, and the Visa Waiver Program 16, March, 2023.

MEDIA: Haaretz: Eight Steps Biden Could Take to Show Netanyahu He Means Business 1 March 2023.

ACTION ALERT: AJP: HOTLINE for US CITIZENS with ENTRY ISSUES and other issues within the oPt February 2023.

MEDIA: TWEET: Member of EU Parliament traveling to Palestine on official EP mission expelled by Israel; all MEPs in delegation banned from visiting Gaza 21 February 2023.

MEDIA: +972: Explainer -Israel expands power to strip Palestinians of citizenship and residency 20 February 2023.

EVENT: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: “Blue Means Blue”: Reciprocity, Israel, and the Requirements for Entry to the U.S. Visa Waiver Program 14 February, 2023.

EVENT: Atlantic Council: Will 2023 be the year Israel joins the US Visa Waiver Program? February 7, 2023.

MEDIA FRANCE 24: Corazones bajo ocupación: el caso de las familias palestinas separadas por Israel Primera modificación 4 February 2023.

PRESS RELEASE: U.S. Embassy Statement: Israel Meets NIV Refusal Rate Requirement for Visa Waiver Program January 30, 2023.

MEDIA: Jerusalem Story: Visiting Palestinians in the West Bank? The Rules Remain Unclear, and You Could Be Denied Entry 28 January 2023.

REPORT: HRW: West Bank – New Entry Rules Further Isolate Palestinians: Israel’s Guidelines Impede Visiting, Studying, Working 23 January 2023.

MEDIA: Reuters: U.S. links Israel visa-waiver to West Bank travel for Palestinian-Americans 18 January 2023.

RTE REPORT: Right to Enter: In Short – Executive Summary of RTE Briefing on New COGAT Rules for Entry and Residence of Foreign Nationals in the Israeli- Occupied West Bank 13 January 2023.


FILM: Mondoweiss and USCPR: Love Under Occupation 5 December 2002.

REPORT: Btselem: Married but apart: Women from Gaza with spouses from the West Bank forced to raise children alone 13 November 2022.

RTE REPORT: Right to Enter: Brief on the New COGAT Rules for Entry and Residence of Foreign Nationals in the Israeli-Occupied West Bank October 2022.

INTERVIEW: FMEP Occupied Thoughts Podcast: Beyond the Clickbait, Israel’s New (and Old) Visa Procedures Reveal a Cruel Reality for Palestinians, 23 September, 2022.

MEDIA: Globes: Knesset Bill adopting US via waiver rules passes first reading, 20 September, 2022.

MEDIA: Haaretz: How many Arabs live between the Jordan River and the sea? A mystery no one wants to solve, 16 September, 2022.

RTE PRESS RELEASE: Right to Enter: IN THEIR OWN WORDS – People affected speak out about Israel’s West Bank entry restrictions, 14 September, 2022.

LETTER: PHROC to International Community: Take Prompt and Concrete Measures to Halt Israel’s West Bank Entry Procedure, 14 September 2022.

OPINION: Haaretz: Why Palestinians Say Israel Is Marching Into Apartheid, 13 September, 2022.

RTE PRESS RELEASE: Right to Enter: RTE Campaign Rejects Israel’s Draconian Entry Procedures, 8 September 2022.

INTERVIEW: France 24: Hamoked director, Jessica Montell explains new Israeli restrictions on France 24, 8 September 2022.

INTERVIEW: Jerusalem24: LIVE Q&A with Leora Bechor on COGAT entry procedures to the West Bank for foreigners, 8 September 2022.

MEDIA: Mondoweiss: No room for love in Apartheid Israel, 6 September, 2022.

MEDIA: Al-Jazeera: Breaking down Israel’s regulations on foreigners in the West Bank, 5 September 2022.

MEDIA: AP: New Israeli rules on foreigners tighten control in West Bank, 5 September 2022.

MEDIA: Al-Jazeera: Israel’s war on love, 5 September 2022.

MEDIA: Washington Post: New rules make foreign visitors to West Bank declare romantic ties to Palestinians, 4 September 2022.

SOCIAL MEDIA: TWITTER: US Ambassador concerned over revised COGAT guidelines, 4 September 2022.

MEDIA: LeMonde: Israël veut durcir les règles d’entrée des étrangers en Cisjordanie (, 4 September 2022.

MEDIA: L’Orient-Le Jour: Inquiétudes après de nouvelles règles d’entrée en Cisjordanie par Israël, 4 September 2022.

MEDIA: ELCW: New entry rules create anxiety and uncertainty in the West Bank – News –, 4 September 2022.

MEDIA: Le Figaro: Israël modifie et repousse ses nouvelles règles d’entrée en Cisjordanie occupée, 4 September 2022.

MEDIA: Jerusalem Post: monitoring ‘onerous’ IDF limits on foreign visits to West Bank Palestinians, 4 September 2022.

MEDIA: Entorno Inteligente: Emigre Palestinians hurry back to visit fearful of new Israeli rules, 3 September 2022.

MEDIA: BBC: Israeli rules say West Bank visitors must declare love interest, 3 September 2022.

MEDIA: Foreign West Bank visitors must tell Israel if they ‘form a couple’ with Palestinian | The Times of Israel, 3 September 2022.

MEDIA: Al-Arabiya English: Visitors in West Bank must reveal any Palestinian love interest to Israeli authority, 3 September 2022.

MEDIA: World News: Israel’s controversial new rule asks West Bank visitors to declare love interest – World News (, 3 September, 2022.

MEDIA: Paudal: Israel restricts entry and stay in the occupied West Bank – Paudal, 3 September 2022.

MEDIA: السلطات الإسرائيلية تفرض قيودا جديدة لدخول الضفة الغربية – RT Arabic, 3 September 2022.

MEDIA: إسرائيل تقيد الدخول إلى الضفة الغربية بإجراءات جديدة (, 3 September 2022.

MEDIA: WAFA French: Israël impose de nouvelles restrictions à l’entrée des étrangers en Cisjordanie, 3 September 2022.

MEDIA: Arabnews French: Inquiétudes après de nouvelles règles d’entrée en Cisjordanie par Israël, 3 September 2022.

MEDIA: Israël restreint entrées et séjours en Cisjordanie occupée, provoquant l’inquiétude (, 3 September 2022.

PRESS RELEASE: UN OCHA: Bachelet deplores Israel’s failure to grant visas for UN Human Rights staff in oPt, 30 August 2022.

LETTER: Rebuilding Alliance: Meeting with senior US Congressional staff on COGAT procedures, 26 August 2022.

MEDIA: Al-Monitor: PA deters Palestinians from using Israel’s Ramon Airport, 23 August 2022.

Human rights & peace organisations in Israel to EU: Entry restrictions deny Palestinian self-determination, 16 August, 2022.

MEDIA: Haaretz: Israel May Not Meet Deadline for Visa Exemption, U.S. Official Warns, 4 August 2022.

MEDIA: The Guardian: ‘The power we had was astonishing’: ex-soldiers on Israel’s government in the occupied territories, 1 August 2022.

MEDIA: Haaretz: Israel’s Civil Administration eases permits for Palestinians in exchange for intel, 1 August 2022.

PRESS RELEASE: HaMoked: Israel Announces Delay of New COGAT Procedure, 20 July 2022.

MEDIA: Israel Hayom: US to reserve Israel’s spot on list of visa waiver eligible countries, 18 July 2022.

MEDIA: WRMEA: Israel’s New Restrictions on Entering the West Bank – North America – WRMEA, 17 July 2022.

MEDIA: Haaretz: U.S. Official Confirms: Morocco Played Key Role in Biden Israel-Palestinian Mediation Effort for 24/7 Opening of Allenby, 16 July 2022.

MEDIA: Al-Jazeera: Palestinian universities are once again under attack, 15 July 2022.

LETTER: US Organizations to Biden: Prioritize the “Fundamental Freedoms” of Palestinians, 14 July 2022.

STATEMENT: The Jerusalem US-Israel Strategic Partnership Joint Declaration: US & Israel affirm commitment to shared and accelerated efforts for Israel’s inclusion in Visa Waiver Program, 14 July 2022.

MEDIA: Haaretz: Israel, U.S. Inch Closer to Visa Waiver, but Legislation Still Required, 7 July 2022.

INTERVIEW: Jerusalem24: Jessica Mantell on Fighting for the families threatened by Israeli entry restrictions, 5 July 2022.

REPORT: Adalah Sends Letter to Attorney General Protesting New Entry Procedures, 30 June 2022.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Arab American Institute Protests Biden Administration’s Failure to Protect Arab Americans, 29 June 2022.

MEDIA: The Guardian: Israel delays travel restrictions on West Bank in apparent gesture to Biden, 29 June 2022.

MEDIA: Times of Israel: Israel to delay implementing restrictions on foreigners entering the West Bank amid pushback, 29 June 2022.

MEDIA: Haaretz: ‘Don’t Lose the Momentum,’ U.S. Envoy Urges Israel as Disagreements Stall Visa Waiver Talks, 28 June 2022.

MEDIA: Hamoked: Urgent petition to High Court to halt COGAT procedure, 27 June 2022.

STATEMENT: Al-Haq and PCHR to UN Human Rights Council: Israel’s Escalated Residence and Entry Policies Further Entrench its System of Apartheid over Palestinians, 23 June 2022.

PRESS RELEASE: Hamoked petitions High Court to halt Israeli military’s discriminatory & draconian restrictions on entry of foreigners to West Bank, 23 June 2022.

MEDIA: Haaretz: U.S. Official: Easing West Bank Entry for Palestinian Americans Unrelated to Israeli Visa Waivers, 22 June 2022.

SOCIAL MEDIA: IMEU releases new Instagram explainer on Israel’s racist discrimination against Palestinians trying to enter Palestine, 22 June 2022.

MEETING RECORDING: Presentation on Israeli Restrictions on Foreign Nationals in the West Bank hosted by Americans for Peace Now, 15 June 2022.

REPORT: Right to Enter – Update June 2022, 8 June 2022.

MEDIA: Haaretz: Progressive lawmakers ask Biden to keep Israel off visa waiver program, 9 June 2022.

REPORT: EUP submits parliamentary questions regarding new restrictive policy on the entry & stay of foreigners in the West Bank, 9 June 2022.

STATEMENT: HaMoked: Address to Knesset on COGAT’s proposed procedures, 8 June 2022 (live recording in Hebrew with English subtitles).

MEDIA: Helsingin Sanomat: Israel restricting entry of foreigners to Palestine, also for dual citizens and Erasmus students, 8 June 2022 (in Finnish).

MEDIA: Just Security: Israel’s West Bank Ordinance: The Latest Effort to Suppress Palestinian Civil Society, 8 June 2022.

MEDIA: Mondoweiss: ‘Apartheid in action’: The danger of Israel’s new West Bank travel restrictions, 3 June 2022.

LETTER: Tlaib and Congressional Colleagues Query Blinken and Mayorkas for Answers, Express Serious Concerns about Israel’s Eligibility for the Visa Waiver Program, June 2022.

CALL TO ACTION: AJP Issues URGENT Act Now: Israel is trying to prevent us from visiting Palestine – 6 June DEADLINE, June 2022.

MEDIA: Al-Jazeera: Les nouvelles réglementations israéliennes sur les étrangers se rendant en Cisjordanie suscitent l’indignation, 31 May 2022.

MEDIA: The Intercept: Israeli limits on WB travel draw scrutiny from U.S. lawmakers, 29 May 2022.

LETTER: Bowman & 11 Other US Representatives Query Blinken, Mayorkas and Cardona on COGAT Procedure, Express Concern Regarding Discrimination and Impact on Education, 27 May 2022.

MEDIA: EU Observer: Members of European Parliament boycott trip after Israeli snub, 22 May 2022.

LETTER: US Rep Wexton to US Secretary of State Blixen on COGAT ‘Foreign Entry Rules for Occupied West Bank’, 19 May 2022.

REPORT: Association for International Development Agencies – AIDA: Analysis of COGAT procedures for foreigners entry and residence, no date.

MEDIA: The Intercept: Israel Tightens Restrictions on Travel to Occupied Territories, 13 May 2022.

MEDIA: Committee for Justice: UN denounces restrictions imposed by Israeli authorities on entry and residence of foreign academics in West Bank – Committee for Justice (, 9 May 2022.

MEDIA: AP: Israel tightens grip on West Bank with planned restrictions, 5 May 2022.

MEDIA: Israel Tightens Grip on West Bank With Entry Restrictions, 5 May 2022.

MEDIA: The National News: Israel to tighten West Bank entry restrictions with new policy, 5 May 2022.

MEDIA: Los Angeles Times: Israel tightens grip on West Bank with planned restrictions, 5 May 2022.

MEDIA: Al-Araby: Israel’s new West Bank entry rules decide ‘who is a Palestinian’ , 4 May 2022.

MEDIA: The Pie News: Israel delays restrictions on academic and student travel to West Bank, 4 May 2022.

MEDIA: Arab News Network: Outrage follows Israel’s new West Bank entry restrictions, 4 May 2022.

MEDIA: Jewish Currents: New Israeli Border Policies Track, Trace, and Restrict Palestinian Visitors to the West Bank, 3 May 2022.

REPORT: RTE: Briefing Note on New COGAT Procedures for West Bank Entry, April 2022.

MEDIA: Jerusalem Post: New IDF limits on foreigners visiting West Bank Palestinians delayed,  30 April / 1 May 2022.

LETTER: UN Special Rapporteurs: Serious Concern Regarding Announced COGAT Procedure

(Ref.: OL ISR 7/2022), 29 April 2022.

MEDIA: DAWN MENA: Israel’s Restrictions on Traveling to WB Just Got 92 Pages Worse – An Interview with Advocate Leora Bechor, 29 April 2022.

LETTER: Scholars at Risk to Israeli PM: Protect & Promote International Academic Travel to West Bank, 27 April 2022.

LETTER: Researchers of Japan protest against “Procedure for Entry and Residency of Foreigners in Judea and Samaria Region”, 21 April, 2022 (In English & Japanese).

LETTER: City University of New York: Support Our Palestinian Colleagues, Reject Israeli Measures Against Academic Freedom, 15 April 2022.

LETTER: British Society for Middle Eastern Studies to Israeli PM: Cancel New Procedures for Entry into West Bank, 6 April 2022.

LETTER: Middle East Studies Association of North America to GOI: New Government Directive Attempts Isolation and Censorship of Palestinian Universities, 5 April 2022.

MEDIA: Haaretz: Israel planning massive traveler data base, 4 April 2022.

LETTER: American Anthropological Association to GOI: Rescind New Procedures Threatening Palestinian Higher Education, 1 April 2022.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Interview with member of Lem Sheml Haqi, no date (In Arabic).

LETTER: Universidad Nacional de Colombia: Comunicado a la opinión pública, 31 March 2022 (In Spanish).

PRESS RELEASE: HaMoked demands Israel’s Minister of Defense amend draconian new procedure for entry of foreigners to the oPt, 24 March, updated 27 April 2022.

CALL TO ACTION: Birzeit University Rejects Israeli Measures Against Academic Freedom, 12 March 2022.

MEDIA: Haaretz: Israel to Decide for Palestinian Universities which Foreign Lecturers Can Teach at West Bank Universities, 8 March 2022.

MEDIA: The London School of Economics: The Right to Education is also Palestinian, 23 March 2022 (In Arabic here).

STATEMENT: Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Black Sea and East Mediterranean Studies, School of Economics and Political Science, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on the Israeli Measures Against Academic Freedom, 21 March 2022.

LETTER: University of Ghana Academics and Friends of BZU: Expression of Rejection against Procedures for Entry and Residency of Foreigners in Judea and Samaria Region, March 2022.

STATEMENT: International Sociological Association endorses Birzeit University’s rejection of Israeli measures against academic freedom, March 2022.

STATEMENT: USACBI: Statement on Israel’s Latest Repression of Palestinian Universities, March 2022.


MEDIA: The Jerusalem Post: “Palestinian-Americans to be allowed to land at Ben-Gurion Airport – Israel will allow Palestinian-Americans to land at Ben-Gurion in order to advance negotiations on US visa waivers for Israelis,” 26 December 2021.

REPORT: Foundation for Middle East Peace Legislative Round-Up: An Israel Exception to Visa Waiver Program Requirements,” 23 December 2021.

OPINION: Haaretz: “How Israel Expelled Me, a German Ph.D. Student, for Something I Had No Intention of Doing,” 19 December 2021.

MEDIA: Jerusalem Post: “US visa exemption for Israelis not before 2023 – Shaked,” 18 November 2021.

REPORT: Institute for Middle East Understanding: “Policy Analysis #3: Israel Is Not Eligible for Visa Waiver Program,” 14 December 2021.

REPORT: Palestinian Ministry of Civil Affairs: List of Approved Lem Sheml Applicants, 18 October 2021.

EDITORIAL: Haaretz: “Illegal Residents Live in the Palestinian Territories, Too.” 30 July 2021.

MEDIA: Haaretz: “The Faces of Non-existent People – Palestinians Living Without an Official ID.” 29 July 2021.

OPINION: Haaretz: “A Short Distance Between the Occupiers and the Occupied.” 27 July 2021.

MEDIA: Haaretz: “The Magic Word That Eases Israelis’ Conscience.” 26 July 2021.

MEDIA: Haaretz: “‘When I Fight With My Husband, I Have Nowhere to Go;’ What It’s Like Living as an ‘Illegal Resident’ in the West Bank.” 25 July 2021.

MEDIA: The Washington Post: “Israel Has Denied Certain Married Couples the Right to Live Together. Some Hide. Others Break Up.” 17 July 2021.

MEDIA: Electronic Intifada: “Israel’s Apartheid Marriage Law is the Essence of Zionism.” 7 July 2021.

MEDIA: Haaretz: “Will Defeat of Citizenship Law Bring Thousands of Palestinians to Israel, and What Can Bennet Do?” 7 July 2021.

SHORT DOCUMENTARY: “Fragmented Families.” posted 1 July 2021.

MEDIA: Al-Monitor: New Israeli Government To Renew Controversial Law Banning Palestinians from Uniting with Families in Israel.” 29 June 2021.

MEDIA: Haaretz: “Lacking Basic Rights and Living in Fear: The Stories Behind Israel’s Family Reunification Ban.” 24 June 2021.

MEDIA: Haaretz: “Israel’s Cruel Citizenship Law Is Rotten, Racist and Unredeemable.”  24 June, 2021.

MEDIA: Haaretz: “Ban on Palestinian Family Reunifications: Demographic Warfare on Both Sides of 1967 Border.” 21 June, 2021.

MEDIA: Haaretz: “Israeli Apartheid? Look No Further Than This Racist Law.” 20 June, 2021.

OP-ED: Haaretz: “Israeli Parliament Must Allow Palestinian Families to Reunite.” 20 June 2021.

SHORT DOCUMENTARY: Rabet Docs: “One People, Segregated IDs.” 17 June 2021.

MEDIA: EU Observer: “EU Parliamentarians Demand Israel Grant Permission for EU Observer Mission.” April 2021.

REPORT: “US State Department: 2020 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Israel, West Bank and Gaza.” April 2021.

REPORT: The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor: “The Gaza Strip – Undocumented Citizens.” March 2021.

MEDIA: The New Arab: “’We’ve Been Locked Down for 15 years’: The Palestinian Women Fighting Israel’s Family Reunification Ban.” 8 March 2021.

MEDIA: Middle East Eye: “Thousands of Unregistered Palestinians Fear Deportation, Separation from Families.” 2 March 2021.

MEDIA: Wattan: “Stranded in their homeland, families appeal for family unification,” 1 February 2021.

عالقون في وطنهم يناشدون الرئيس عبر وطن لتحريك ملف “لم الشمل” وتمكينهم من الحصول على هويات تعترف بوجودهم  Feb 2021.

TWITTER: Minster Hussein Al-Sheikh: الوزير حسين الشيخ: في كل جلسة مع الطرف الإسرائيلي نطرح ملف “لم الشمل” لكن التعطيل هو بقرار إسرائيلي وجزء من العقوبات علينا.. ماذا قال أيضًا؟. Feb 2021.

REPORT: Right to Enter: “Update for third states,” 8 February 2021.

2020 (See “Updates” on homepage)

MEDIA: Haaretz: “Living in the West Bank – and in Limbo.”  December 2020 


MEDIA: Washington Post: “Israel Supreme Court allows expulsion of human rights activist.” November 2019.

MEDIA: Haaretz: “Israeli University Heads Say Won’t Intervene in Discrimination Against Palestinian Schools.” August 2019. 

MEDIA: Haaretz: “Israel Willing to Let Gazans Who Want to Emigrate to Fly Out via Its Territory, Official Says.” August 2019. 

MEDIA: National Public Radio: “Reversing Earlier Ban, Israel Permits Limited Visit For Rep. Rashida Tlaib.” August 2019. 

OPINION: Truthout: “Israel Systematically Blocks International Scholars From Reaching Palestine.” August 2019. 

BLOG: LRB Blog: “Concrete Conditions.” August 2019. 

MEDIA: Al Fanar Media: “Palestinian Universities Say Israeli Restrictions Force Foreign Professors Out.” August 2019. 

MEDIA: Times Higher Education: “Israel’s restrictions on international academics at Palestinian universities must be opposed.” July 2019.

MEDIA: Inside Higher Ed: “No Passage to Palestinian Universities.” July 2019.

MEDIA: +972 Magazine: “Jordan turns back stateless Palestinian journalist Israel tried to deport.” July 2019.

PRESS RELEASE: Adalah: “Israel forcing international lecturers out of West Bank Palestinian universities.” July 2019.

الغد: إسرائيل ترفض تجديد تأشيرات المحاضرين الأجانب بالضفة

OPINION: Haaretz: “Israel’s Academy for Indifference.” July 2019.

MEDIA: Haaretz: “As Israel Tightens Entry Rules, Foreign Lecturers at Palestinian Universities Forced to Leave.” July 2019. 

MEDIA: Middle East Monitor: “Israel restricting visas for academics visiting Palestine universities.” July 2019. 

MEDIA: University World News: “Israel blocks international academics in West Bank, Gaza.” July 2019.

ADALAH PRESS RELEASE: “Israel forcing international lecturers out of West Bank Palestinian universities.” July 2019.

MEDIA: Haaretz: “Europeans Seeking to Live With Palestinian Kin Must Face Long Arm of Israeli Bureaucracy.” June 2019. 

MEDIA: Haaretz: “What a Palestinian Woman Has to Do to Visit Her Native West Bank Village.” May 2019. 

MEDIA: Haaretz: “Israel Seeks to Block All East Jerusalem Family Reunification Hearings Over ‘Workload’.” May 2019. 

EDITORIAL: Haaretz: “You Married a Palestinian.” April 2019. 

MEDIA: Haaretz: “This American-Palestinian Endangers Israeli Public Security.” April 2019. 

MEDIA: Haaretz: “Hundreds of Gazans Asked to Celebrate Easter in Jerusalem – Israel Let 200 Go to Jordan.” April 2019.

OPINION: Haaretz: “A German Affair, Not Just a Love Story in Palestine.” March 2019. 

PRESS RELEASE: “Israel High Court hearing in PIVOTAL CASE on FAMILY UNITY for Palestinians with foreign spouses in the oPt.” March 2019. Click here for full Press Release in Arabic.

MEDIA: Haaretz: “The Secret Palestinian Doomsday Weapon.” March 2019. 

MEDIA: Haaretz: “Israel Seeks to Deport East Jerusalem Photographer to Jordan, Where He Can’t Stay.” March 2019.

MEDIA: Haaretz: “He’s Palestinian, She’s German But Only An Israeli Stamp Lets Them Live Together in the West Bank.” March 2019. 

MEDIA: The Real News Network: “Israeli Policies Force Family Separations.” March 2019. 

MEDIA: Reuters: “Israeli deportation hearing focuses on Human Right Watch official’s tweets.” March 2019.

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Feb 04 5000 Gaza-registered residents of the West Bank will be given West Bank identity cards – Ha‘aretz
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Feb. 23 Israel grants visas to witnesses in suit over Rachel Corrie death – Haaretz
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Dec. 22 Encountering Peace: Change in Gaza is possible – Jerusalem Post
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Sept. 9 If you want to enter Israel, dance -Yedioth
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