I was born and raised in Palestine and I hold a Jerusalem ID with an Israeli Travel Document –

Description of those you are traveling with (age, relationship, citizenship):

My son Mejd Ramzi Hutchison (he wasn’t denied a visa as he has an American Passport and we didn’t apply for a visa for him)

Description for what happened:

I renewed my Israeli Travel Document last August and they informed me that I will no longer be eligible for a returning resident visa and I will be given a 3 month tourist visa (they initially tried to tell me that I won’t be able to renew my travel document at all and finally agreed with the condition that I will only get a tourist visa). I wasn’t traveling then so they told me to reapply for the visa a month before I intent on traveling and they will issue another 3 month visa. I went to get a visa to go home earlier this month only to get a phone call a few weeks later from Dina – an employee at the Israeli Embassy – telling me that not only was my visa denied but that they had revoked both my Travel Document and my Jerusalem ID (blue ID card). I tried to reason with her and explain to her that this has been my sole means of travel and that even though I have a Jordanian Passport (stamped Palestinian – so not really Jordanian – they gave these passports to those of us with Jerusalem ID cards) I needed my Travel Document to go home. She said that there is nothing she can do and that I should “Let the Americans give you a Travel Document”! Rude and completely disconnected from the situation, Dina went on to tell me that there is nothing she can do and when I told her that I will hire a lawyer she said that it was fine by her and that the orders came from Israel. I have pleaded with her and tried to reason with her as much as possible but to no avail. My parents are working on the situation from Jerusalem and I am looking into an American Travel Document – I should not be going through this and I resent the fact that some desk clerk somewhere in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem decides what my identity should be. My family has been in Palestine for centuries and yet I am still denied my right of going to my own home to visit my family. Any kind of help from you guys is welcome as I am trying all avenues to keep my identity. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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