Tell State Department: End Discrimination against U.S. Citizens Abroad

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation–

In May 2012, U.S. citizen Sandra Tamari was detained and interrogated by the Israeli government as she landed at Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion airport. When she called the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv for assistance, she was asked “Are you Jewish?” When she responded that she is Palestinian, the embassy refused to help her.

This blatant discrmination, along with Israel’s systematic discrimination against Palestinian-, Arab-, and Muslim-Americans, along with U.S. citizens of varied ethnic and religious backgrounds who seek to visit or show solidarity with Palestinian family or friends, is not acceptable.

Sandra is visiting Washington, DC on June 26 to meet with the State Department to discuss her case and to end this policy of discrimination. We know that Sandra isn�t alone in believing that the United States must ensure that all of its citizens are treated equally by our embassy in Tel Aviv and by Israel.

Please sign this petition to the State Department calling for an end to these discriminatory policies and help us reach our goal of enabling Sandra to deliver 20,000 petition signatures to the State Department on June 26.

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