Emergency Numbers

Campaign for the Right of Entry/Re-Entry to the oPt:
Tel: +970-(0)-59-994-33823
email: righttoenter@gmail.com Website: www.righttoenter.ps*If you arrive at an Israeli port and are denied entry you may have the right to appeal the denial. In order to appeal, you should express your desire to do so to the Israeli authorities detaining you and immediately call a local lawyer to process your request and to guide you through the next steps. If, before your departure you fear being denied entry upon arrival, it may be helpful to pre-arrange your arrival details with a local attorney who will be anticipating your arrival and can immediately act on your behalf. Please note that these instructions are for informational purposes only and are not provided as legal advice.CoGAT

main contact person for entry permits to faculty members with foreign passports is Major Wahel Tafesh (רס”ן וואהל טאפש) 03 697 7577 or 0506 234 056.

His fax numbers are 03 697 6307 and 03 697 5177. Please be sure to put his name in large script at the top of any fax. An entry permit application consists of a letter of appointment (in either English or Arabic) signed by the appropriate university official, plus the passport number and nationality of the applicant.

Colonel Shlomo Mukhtar ((אל”מ שלמה מוכתר can be contacted for issues that Major Wahel Tafesh is unable to resolve. His phone number is 0506 234 042.
General Yossef Mishlav ((אלוף יוסף משלב can only be reached via his secretary.

Her name is Or (אור).

Her phone number is 03 697 5351 and her fax number is 03 696 2757.

The CoGAT operations room (open day and night) can be reached at 03 697 7624.

My understanding is that it is manned by junior people with limited authority but they can always reach Major Wahel Tafesh of Colonel Shlomo Mukhtar.

Emergency humanitarian matters are taken care of by 02 9977733 (day and night)

Jerusalem Legal Affairs Center
Jerusalem: +972-2-627-2982, 627-7624 Ramallah: +970-2-298-7981, 295-9260
email: jlac@palnet.com Website: www.mosaada.net

For a list of lawyers active on the issue, please contact the RTE coordinator at righttoenter@gmail.com.

Al Haq
Tel: +970-2-295-4646/9 Fax: +970-2-295-4903
Email: info@alhaq.org Website: www.alhaq.org

For those trying to renew through the PA MoI during the strike: Contact Ahmad Safi head of the “foreign passports sector” 0599.366820. Use only in case of real need, not for general info pls.

PA Ministry of Interior
Ahmed Safi visa extension 0599-366820

PA Ministry of Interior offices:

Tel: +970-2-240-9873- 4
Fax: +970-2-240-9872
West Bank
Tel: +970-2-240-9874- 6
Fax: +970-2-240-9870- 1
Al Irsal Street
POB 641

West Bank Offices: (Telephone)
———— ——
Al Bireh : +970-2-295-5883
Abu Dis : +970-2-279-9074
Bethlehem : +970-2-277-0745
Dura : +970-2-228-0013
Hebron : +970-2-222-7634
Jenin : +970-4-243-8312
Jericho : +970-2-232-2230
Nablus : +970-9-239-8606
Qalqilyah : +970-9-294-2754
Al Ram : +970-2-234-7511
Salfit : +970-9-251-5656
Turkarm : +970-9-267-4090
U.S. contact numbers:
For those arriving at the Allenby Bridge: 02-622-7250 (outside of business hours).

Those entering through other Israeli ports should call 03-519-7551.

Israeli contact numbers:
Beit El, Eyam at 02-997-7774 (Arabic only)

  1. The Israeli Army (IDF spokespersons office: Brig.-Gen. Miri Regev: 03-5692466, fax: 03-5692074; or Foreign Press Branch Maj. Avital Leibovitz: 03-6080238, fax: 03-6080300; The army’s bosses: Ministry of Defense: 03-6975546, fax: 03-6977285).
  2. The District Coordination office (coordinator of activities in the territories), Foreign Relations Branch: 03-6977622/ fax: 03-6967976. Family unification requests do go through this office! (not foreign passport holders – this is where it gets muddled)
  3. According to the DCO, Foreign passport holders go through: the Office of the Central Command (02-5305724/fax: 02-5305398). The girl there says that they can only help people when they already have a tourist visa, and for that people should turn to the Ministry of Interior (but she admits that “the ministry of interior has a problem with Palestinian tourists.” and ” that it started because of the hamas government, that Israel doesn’t have anyone to work with.”
  4. Ministry of Interior (Sabine) (02-6294722/ fax: 02-6701628): Sabine says that western passport (US, Europe) holders automatically get a tourist visa when they enter the country. I said: but if people say they go to the territories they are not being let in,
    should they lie about that? She says that that is the people’s own business. If you can’t get a tourist visa while getting in: you should get it from the Israeli embassies abroad.